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memories, bullshit & drama

remember sammy jankis

16 July 1985
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maryam: twentyone and lacking self-confidence. i have self-esteem issues. i am chinese/persian & growing up in a "disfunctional family" still. i have been pegged as the "good girl/nerd/book worm/smart one" but i think people's preceptions are exaggerated. i can't spell to save my life. i like boys. maybe i like them too much. i've had my heart broken once & because of that i've broken three others. when i fall, i fall hard. i'm forever a sports fanatic- baseball, basketball, football, whatever. i don't smoke (cigarettes) & i never will, but i drink. i laugh too loudly. i sit in the left wing of the house and have no religion. i am leaning toward buddhism. (Exsistance is suffering. -Buddha. story of my life.) i graduated from the hell hole that is berkeley high. i attend the university of california at los angeles. i hate drama. i have only hated twothree people in my life- twothree too many. i believe in good samaritans. i believe in changing the world. relationships fuck me up- i yearn for them despite it all. i am a hypocrite. taking photographs gives me a release from the reality of life. i seek beauty & i find it in the strangest places. i think too much. i am paranoid. i want to find out who i am.i ask for too much.

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